Ryan 2.0

My blog is coming back from the dead as a zombie hungry for wooooorrrddss….wooordddsss…

I am completely ditching my original plan of updating it every week with Mega Millions because frankly I am just too busy and it was kind of boring.

I went back to the drawing board and realized there are many things I can write about.  Expect many topics such as, how to play casino games, social media marketing tactics, personal interviews and whatever else I might have knowledge about or find interesting to write about.

If you as a reader have something you want more information about whether it be political, tech or just because you are curious about something, email/Tweet/Facebook/Google+ me and if I think it’s worth it I will do the research and post a blog on my findings. I will also do my best to interview experts and find valid sources.

So let’s see how Ryan’s Blog 2.0 turns out.



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