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Taco Bell Hopes New Menu has Customers Craving More

Anyone who knows me knows one of my goals is to work for corporate Taco Bell. Not because I love the food (and trust me I do) but because I love Taco Bell as a brand. During the burger boom Glen Bell Jr., founder of Taco Bell, dared to go where no other restaurants went before and sold tacos as the main item in his restaurant.

This out of the box thinking paid off and today Taco Bell lives by the tagline “Think outside the bun.”

Imagine my worry when I saw an email (yes I have Taco Bell set on Google alerts. I am a dork I know) that Taco Bell is changing its menu!   I read through the article with a close eye making sure there was not mention of adding anything with a bun.  To my relief the “Bell Beefer” will not be making a comeback any time soon and there was no mention of adding buns to the menu.

Instead, Taco Bell is beefing up its menu by adding more of a Mexican flare. They are adding items like black beans, cilantro rice and corn salsa. This seems to be a strategic move to combat other successful Mexican inspired restaurants such as Chipotle and Qdoba.

The menu change is a step in the right direction for Taco Bell. Looking at what is working for its competition and trying to make it work for its menu is a good move. I do caution Taco Bell if the new food is not fresh it won’t sell and drastic changes to food can leave customers with a bad taste in their mouth.

Taco Bell has a signature taste and if there is a drastic change from what customers are accustom to then Taco Bell can fall hard.

If changing the menu improves the current food then I am all for it. My years of watching Gordon Ramsey’s “Kitchen Nightmares” have taught me to keep food fresh and simple to have the best product.  If this is the improvement Taco Bell is going for then it might be a winner.

So here is to you Taco Bell. When the new menu rolls out I will be first in line to try it out.

But what about you? Will you give Taco Bell’s new menu a chance?

P.S. If you work at Taco Bell, I want a job.



Update: Jan. 24, 2012

Taco Bell’s new menu is called “Cantina Bell” and it is not so much an overall of it’s current menu but more of new menu items. I could not find a list of the items but judging   from the promo picture from Taco Bell it looks like is will have burritos, tacos and salads. The new menu is in trial now and is only available in select markets.